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About Us

I started Farm Story in July 2018 with the goal of telling Farmer’s Stories and to bring transparency to customers and show them exactly where their food comes from and the people that raise it. The Farm Story name, logo, and slogan all reflect our mission to bring clarity and honesty to what we consume. The meat is Iowa or USDA inspected and frozen to lock in the freshness. It remains frozen until delivery.

Starting with my family farm, the mission was to provide farmers a stable market price for their well-cared-for animals, rather then sending them to a large processor and being subservient to commodity market prices.

After the massive success of selling my dad’s pork, I quickly learned that many farmers really wanted to raise healthy animals, but weren’t interested, or didn’t have the means to market their meat. Many local family farms reached out to help them sell their beef, poultry, and lamb. We currently have a waitlist of producers to join the Farm Story Meats family.

Farm Story Meats is proud to not only elevate my family farm, but others as well. When you purchase from our website, you are helping all these small, independent family farms continue to do what they love, raising high-quality protein for your family to enjoy.

-Ray Schmidt, Founder

Randy Schmidt (my dad) has been perfecting his Chester White hogs since the 1960s. Schmidt Swine has exclusive rights to certify Chester White Pork, a heritage breed known for it’s meat quality. He is one of the few hog farmers that still raises pigs from birth to market on the same farm. Randy & Becky Schmidt operate their small family farm in eastern Iowa (Williamsburg). The animals are humanely raised and free of antibiotics or added hormones. Randy started his farm in 1972 and loves the independence that comes with farming and especially loves when the baby pigs are born.