Stream Meadow Farms
Contact: Carol and Gary Olson
Address: 16016 South 63rd Street Papillion, NE, 68133
Email Address:
Phone: 402-681-9044
About Us
Stream Meadow Farms LLC grows fresh produce in a meadow that has not been
tilled in at least three decades. A spring fed creek flows continuously through the
meadow's north border. Secluded on all borders, our produce is protected from
non-organic herbicides and pesticides. We like to think of ourselves as the micro
of the macro.
Stream Meadow Farms focuses on growing delicious tomatoes. Originating from
genetics that have stood the "taste" of time, our heirloom and heirloom crossed
tomatoes are USDA certified organic. At Stream Meadow Farms, we believe the
secret to growing flavor rich tomatoes is in the dirt. That's why we utilize organic
plant based compost and fertilizers that include ocean based minerals. We hand
cull and organically manage uninvited guests. To evaluate the health of our soil
and ultimately taste, we regularly perform soil tests. The ideal combination of
healthy soil, strategic watering, air flow and sunlight makes for tomatoes boasting
amazing flavor, appealing texture and dramatic color.
Located off the beaten path in Papillion, Nebraska, Stream Meadow Farms LLC is
family owned and operated.
Regenerative Organic Practice; USDA Certified Organic by OneCert
Member Buy Fresh Buy Local
Member of the Nebraska Produce Safety Program