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Fork Tail Farm
Contact: Amber Mohr and Jeremy Hall
Address: 1044 Street F66 Avoca , IA, 51521
Phone: 712-343-6537
About Us
Fork Tail Farm is a small sustainable family enterprise focused on pastured eggs, meats, and naturally grown vegetables. When John Mohr first moved to Iowa, he saw this farm and was so inspired he built a replica of the home several miles down the road. In 1955 his son Ernest Mohr saw that the home and land were available to rent, so he moved his family there. In 1964 Ernest and his wife, Leona, were able to purchase the farm at auction. Their son Darrell moved to Omaha, where he and his wife Chris raised three children. Now their daughter Amber Mohr returns to the farm, one generation removed, with her family to try to create a practical, sustainable operation.
Pastured meats, free-range eggs, and naturally grown produce