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Brun Ko Farm
Contact: Nathan & Emily Paulsen
Address: 2920 Falcon Ave Exira, IA, 50076
Phone: 712-249-3187
About Us
We have a small acreage and big dreams! After two moves we feel like we have finally found a home. The animals seem to agree. Currently we are working on re-establishing our garden and developing a meat CSA. We love to see the farm through others eyes and enjoy having visitors out for field days and tours. We have participated in several area farmers markets and love the community we've become a part of! Most recently, we've been learning how to be parents and how to share the farming experience with our little one.
What is the significance to Brun Ko?
With Danish heritage in both of our families and living in a community that takes great pride in their Danish decent, we decided to incorporate that into our farm name. With that said, our small herd of Jersey cattle is a key feature on our farm and in our hearts. So, the name Brun Ko, meaning 'brown cow' in Danish holds a lot of significance for us.