Grade A Garden
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About Us
Grade A Gardens grows organic fruits and vegetables on a little over 5 acres in Johnston, Iowa. The farm is located next to ag giants DuPont Pioneer and John Deere Financial. What began as a gourmet garlic farm, Grade A Gardens now markets through a CSA, the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market, and Des Moines’ finest restaurants and specialty grocers.

At Grade A Gardens we believe that sustainable agriculture has a critical role to play in creating and maintaining a strong local economy, healthy ecosystem, and vibrant social fabric. We believe all humans should have access to fresh, clean, affordable and nutritious fruits and vegetables. We hope to provide fruits and vegetables grown in a sustainable manner while earning a fair wage. Currently all of our produce is sold within a 60-mile radius of the farm.

Through our careful seed selection, organic growing methods, and beautiful Iowa soil, we believe our produce is some of the finest and tastiest available.