Does & Divas
Address: 31140 185th St. Honey Creek, IA, 51542
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Phone: 712
About Us
Doe’s and Diva’s Dairy in Western IA crafts combined milk products including fresh chevre, feta and marinated feta, and aged tommes. The farmstead is the only sheep and goat dairy in the state of Iowa producing cheese since 2005. An authentic cheese cave was constructed to age the cheese in a natural environment. Templeton Rye barrels have been custom fitted and placed inside the cave to age select tommes for development of a unique flavor. Templeton Rye whiskey was produced nearby in Templeton, Iowa and known as the “Good Stuff” during prohibition.In addition to our handcrafted cheese, nourishing goat milk soaps and lotions are produced using time honored production methods.Our passion is connecting the community with healthy products. We are proud of our sustainable practices, our commitment to lifestyle, our faith and our family. We are also humbled by the experience of building a business based on the support of family, friends and the community.