Contact: Kelsey and Nate Snead
Address: 4741 165th Lane Carlisle, IA, 50047
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About Us
About Us
Graze Co. provides pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic free chicken, pork, and cut flowers for your family! Grown and raised with care from our family farm in Carlisle, Iowa.

Our farming practices are not just sustainable because ultimately, sustainability is like treading water. You never really make any progress. We are committed to regenerative farming. We are swimming hard up stream and are commited to healing and regenerating in all that we do. Whether you're looking for wholesome food to serve your family or a dose of old-fashioned inspiration from our farm, we are happy to serve you.

Our chickens are chickens. We let them be chickens. They have access to sunshine, fresh air, clean water, bugs, grasshoppers, and grass. Lots of grass. They eat NON-GMO feed from a local farm and are moved daily to fresh grass. You might notice that the chicken you buy from us looks a a lot different than your normal grocery store or Whole Foods meat. That's because all the nutrients our chicken's receive from the grass increases their beta carotene (vitamin A) and leads to fat that is more yellow than white. What does that mean for you? Richer flavor and a more nutrient dense meat for your family.

Around here, we're all about restoration. Restoring our land. Restoring agriculture. And restoring a simpler way of life. We believe in the beauty of connecting with the food that nourishes us and find great joy in inspiring others to do the same.