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Joia Food Farm
Address: 2038 March Ave Charles City, IA, 50616
Phone: 641-228-1583
About Us
Jóia Food Farm is a diverse livestock and organic crop farm outside of Charles City, Iowa. Our mission is to nurture active and healthy soil to grow nutritious crops and pastures that feed our animals, all while allowing our animals to do what comes naturally to them. We raise outdoor-reared sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys and ducks.

We value soil health, animal welfare, nutrient dense crops and grasses, healthy food, the future of our planet, community, and rural revitalization.

Our big picture vision is for a healthier planet. We want to do our part, by staying active in the food web, providing nutrient dense food and delicious flavor, and to keep learning and doing what is right for animal, human, and earth.

We are certified Animal Welfare Approved, Non-GMO, 100% grassfed for sheep and lamb, and USDA organic for our crops and pastures.

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100% Grass-fed LAMB
Pasture raised, antibiotic free, processed with no additives or funky stuff.
USDA Inspected Pork